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*We can take your property in its "as is" condition.

*We'll Pay your Closing Costs.

*No fees.

*We can handle all the paper work.

*We do NOT need to wait for a bank loan or sell another house.

*We specialize in helping homeowners facing foreclosure / bankruptcy.

Receive the Best Offer in 3 easy Steps

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1- Submit  your info.

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WE BUY HOUSES  Any Reason, Any Condition 

-Behind on taxes                                                    -Bad Tenant

-Behind in Payment                                             -Tired Landlord

-Vacant / Vandalized                                           -Fire Damage

-Expired Listing                                                      -Any Reason

Inherited Property

Job/Loss / Relocation

Facing Foreclosure

Going Trough A Divorce

Medical  Issues

Death In The Family

Mechanics / Tax Liens

Legal Issues

At Conrad Buys Houses we have bought hundreds of investment properties.

 We'll be happy to provide information as to what your property is worth even if you decide not to sell to us.

When you call we'll always be happy to discuss all your options as well as go over the benefits of working with experienced and professional investors like us. Our conversations are always 100% confidential and it is important for us to clarify that when you call you have absolutely no commitment to sell us your property (so even if you are just curious you can go ahead and give us a ring)  

email to us at: conradbuyhouses@gmail.com

Over hundreds of homeowners have accepted our cash offer on their homes.

We'd love for you to be next!

We think it's important for you to know our entire real estate buying philosophy is based on THREE simple words: Sellers must BENEFIT! Webster's dictionary defines the word BENEFIT as: Something that enhances or improves well-being.

What’s Happening In The Market?

Foreclosures Are Rampant - Right now many homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgage payments.  Lenders are fire selling their inventory right now just to keep pace with the defaults.

Short Sales Crush Neighborhood Values - Every time a lender approves a short sale the values in your neighborhood go way down.

It’s Taking Much Longer To Sell- Each month the # of days it takes for a property to sell goes up because of excess supply versus the local housing demand.

 Your options when you sell...

Sell with a real estate agent-

Time-consuming, random people coming through your house. 

Sell your home yourself-

Time, repairs, advertising costs, trying to figure out what paperwork is needed, you have to do everything, missed appointments. 

Become a landlord-

Deal with renters / bad tenants, late payments, evictions, repairs, relying on someone else to do what they say they will. 

Fortunately we are here to help you with the best solution for you.

                     Sell To Us-

We handle all paperwork, no repairs, fast close, quick cash, possible top dollar, put your housing problems behind you! 

Conrad buys houses in USA and during the process we have been helping homeowners for over 10 years. By selling straight to us you can cut out the middle man or real estate agent commission

We'll Pay your Closing Costs

We'll Buy the House "As-Is" No Need to Make Repairs

We can Close In as Quickly as a Week

It doesn't matter if your house has structural issues, needs repairs, or is the "ugly duckling" of your neighborhood...

We can buy properties with all cash if you have built up equity OR by assuming you existing lien/debts if you have zero equity

To learn more about your options you can also visit our YouTube channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFK8rmXfqStSAJcEHBJFmHQ


or you can fill out the form on this webpage and tell us about your situation and property and someone from our team will contact you to help you with any questions you may have and take the next step. And remember only if selling your house fast is going to help you in a positive way from you current situation we will be happy to move on to the next step with you.