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If you are behind on your house payments, we can help faster you on how you can avoid to and stop foreclosure on California and not affect your credit and the possibility of buy a new home in the future. In Conrad Buys Houses we are always ready to assist in any step of the process and we have the right solution for you easy and quickest. With us, you can sell your house for cash, call us today and receive an all cash offer.

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You can sell your house for cash in as little as one day. We buy houses, whether

they need repairs or not, and we consider all situations that you may be going

through right now to help determine the price of our offer.

Our team is available 24/ seven to answer any questions that you have about

selling us your house fast or what a fair payment plan looks like for buying it

from you. Call us today! It's time to make a new start on life with money in hand

So call today! Sell Your House Fast: We Buy Houses

Worried about selling your house? Let the professionals take care of your responsibility!

How We Can Benefit You...

  • Years of industry experience.

  • Team of qualified experts.

  • We Can Close FAST Or We Can Work With Your Schedule

  • We Can Take Your Property In It's "As-Is" Condition.

  • We Can Handle All Of The Paperwork.

  • Quick turnaround time.

  • Happy customer base around the town.

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